School Communication

At The Grove we believe that providing our community with a range of options for the exchange of information, insights and concerns, helps us design and deliver the best possible learning experiences for our students.

Here is the list of communication opportunities at The Grove -


One Plan meetings with families/carers - Term 1

Celebration books – Term 2

Parent - teacher meetings - Term 3

Reports – Term 4

The Grove Website –


The Grove Facebook page -   - For up-to-date information about what’s’ happening at The Grove

 seesawicon - daily communication between home and school


Newsletters – published in Week 10 each term

MMSM text messages – used to send information and reminders about upcoming events e.g. Pupil Free days

Email – can be used to communicate with classroom teachers and members of the Leadership Team


Meetings/phone calls with teachers can be scheduled via email or Seesaw

Members of our Leadership team can be contacted by email or phone