Positive Behaviour Support

The Grove is implementing a School-Wide Positive Behavioural Intervention Support (SWPBIS) with fidelity. We are at the forefront of research on the implementation of SWPBIS in Special Education in South Australia.
SWPBIS is a multi-tiered system of support for achieving high academics, behaviour, social and emotional outcomes for EVERY student.

At the Grove we have:

  • A collaborative leadership team
  • A school-wide staff growth mindset
  • An active Behavioural Professional Learning Community
  • Data based decision making to support the learning of every student

All staff teach and acknowledge the school-wide behaviour code ("The Grove 5" - I am safe, I am responsible, I am respectful, I am friendly, I have feelings) using evidence based practices. These practices are explicity taught daily, shared, and celebrated across our school, with our families and our community.

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