Learning Intervention Profile

In 2019 as a result of a leadership initiative, in consultation with our communication and literacy coach, and in collaboration with staff, the Learning Intervention Profile was developed.

The purpose of the Learning Intervention Profile is to assist teachers to effectively support students in their learning. The intention is to have a single personalised document for each student which contains in summary

  • One Plan goals (e.g. reading, writing, number, social)
  • Differentiated instructional focal points, resources and strategies to support goal achievement
  • Personalised assessment and data collection based on collaborative moderation and data analysis
  • Conditions for learning (i.e. Communication, Co-Regulation and Social and Emotional Learning)

The Learning Intervention Profile is completed by classroom teachers after One Plan meetings, by the end of term one. Profiles are shared with SSOs during Collaborative Team Meetings (Co-teaching). An initial copy is provided to families with profiles regularly updated and shared with families throughout the year. The Grove Education Centre Learning Intervention Profiles provide an additional tool to strengthen partnerships with families in improving student learning.